Old Malvern Pickets specialize in design and construction of decorative feature fences, either traditional designs, or custom designed timber and colorbond front fences including a broad range of DIY kits. This is our sole business focus, we do one thing and we do it well. We also provide a range of complimentary services to make sure that the whole fence project is taken care of and is straightforward for our clients.

Fence Design

Whether the style of your home is Edwardian, Federation, Victorian, Californian Bungalow or a Modern design we can either work to drawings or help in the process of designing a picket or garden fence that is in keeping with the style and period of your home.

With an unprecedented reputation for quality work we have been supplying and building hardwood picket fences for over 40 years serving our clients across Metropolitan Melbourne adding property value to their homes.

Do-It-Yourself Fence Kits

There are not many pleasures in life that equal the satisfaction of completing your own building project. At Old Malvern Pickets, we know how good it feels to finally close the gate on that fence you have spent your last few weekends installing on your own home.

How to get started with your DIY kit

At Old Malvern Pickets, we specialise in providing fence kits to your specification. Our kits minimize wastage, whilst producing a well-designed and good-looking fence that will improve the appearance and value of your property. Using our kit and with our friendly, helpful advice, your fence will be a source of pride for years to come. To obtain a quote fill in our online form and we will contact you shortly.

Measuring your Project:

  1. Take a measurement from point A to point F. This gives us the width of your block.
  2. Measure the distance between point B to point C so we know how wide your path is.
  3. Do the same for point D to point E for your driveway.
  4. Tell us the distance of your path from the nearest boundary (in this case point A to B), the same for the driveway (point F to E).
  5. Remember, measure twice, cut once! Double check your measurements to help ensure wastage is minimized and your costs are kept down.
  6. Decide how high you want your fence. Check with your local City Council if there are any restrictions on fence height in your area.
old Malvern Pickets

Automatic Gates & Intercoms

We also can provide you with a quote on installing an automatic swing or sliding gate and fit out of a security audio or video intercom systems. Please tick the box on our online quotation form and we will contact you shortly with a no-obligation free quote.

timber gates

Maintaining Your Fence

The timber we supply for your fence is of the most appropriate quality for the job. However, like all timbers, it can be subject to shrinkage and cracking due to the damaging effects of the sun and other environmental factors.

It is therefore very important that you paint your fence ASAP after construction! We recommend good quality Oil Based Primer mixed with about 20% Penetrol which will soak on to the wood and provide a strong base for undercoat and top coats in your chosen colours. Undercoats and top coats can be acrylic, but we emphasise the use of Oil Based Primer as the first coat. Oil or grease your gate hinges twice a year, this will prevent the hinges binding and ultimately breaking. Always refer to the paint manufacturer’s instructions for expert advice.

Timber Picket fences

Painting Services

As part of our service Old Malvern Pickets can refer you to a qualified painter to expertly coat your new fence and paint it in your chosen colours.

Council Permits

With local Councils across Melbourne there can be restrictions on fence height and Heritage Overlays in your area. If you require any assistance with council regulations we can help with organising permits. Please contact us before you talk to your Council.

Building Trade

Whilst Old Malvern Pickets are suppliers of fencing and have staff to install our product we also can provide advice to the specific needs of the building trade. We are available to assist in all aspects of a project from conception to completion. We can provide technical advice, so that you get the fencing required without compromise. If you would like our assistance please fill in our online quotation form and we will contact you shortly.

We also have available decking and screening in a variety of sizes. All our decking is Australian hardwood.