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Choose from the many Styles of Pickets to add character to your fence

Our picket fences are constructed using mortise joinery to ensure optimum quality and durability. We have an extensive range of authentic period style picket designs available in lengths from 0.900 to 2.100 metres. The images below showcase the many styles we offer in picket fencing, view our gallery to see the differences.

timber picket fences


Choose a featured Post style to complete your fence

One of the main features of a fence is the post that forms its foundation. Complete your fence by selecting a style of post to add character and to give your fence a unique finishing touch. To understand how the posts fit with the picket fence or fence configuration please view our gallery.

timber posts


Choosing a Capital adds a decorative head to the Posts

To add character to the posts you can select a Capital, which is a decorative head which we attach. We have 8 styles to choose from and manufacture hand turned fence post capitals in selected timbers to suit post sizes from 100mm to 250mm. The other varieties of Capitals we offer are made from cast iron or aluminium. To understand how this feature looks view our gallery for more ideas.

post caps


Complete your fence with a stylish Letterbox

A new fence installed from Old Malvern Pickets cannot forget one important feature – the letterbox. We offer six stylish timber designs with polished brass or chrome fittings that can be installed to complete the overall look of your fence. They are made out of Western Red Cedar timber and can be painted to match the colour of your new fence. We also offer key lockable stainless steel and powder coated letter and parcel boxes through the companies, Deliver-Eze and Milkcan.

timber letter boxes
Ascot 370mm 165mm 185mm
Armadale (Brass) 210mm 360mm 340mm
Brunswick 355mm 230mm 280mm
Como 440mm 155mm 280mm
Letteron 440mm 155mm 280mm
Windsor 325mm 220mm 190mm


Choose a decorative Balustrade to enhance the appearance of your fence

Balustrades enhance the look of your fence. At Old Malvern Pickets we cut them out of the timber and at selected intervals insert a paling when installing the fence. There are many styles to choose from – traditional and period to floral decorative and custom made designs. To see how this feature can enhance your fence check out the balustrade examples in our gallery. We are also able to copy existing designs from your fence or fretwork.

timber picket fences


Choose a decorative Capping to enhance the appearance of your fence

Cappings can enhance the look of your fence. Old Malvern Pickets has its own unique capping in high quality finger jointed treated pine in our “Bannister” & “Stonnington” styles which feature in our Gallery. Profiles are as indicated below.

timber picket fences


Choose from a wide range of styles of Decorative Gates including Driveway Gates

We manufacture authentic pedestrian and driveway gates to suit Victorian, Edwardian and Federation homes. Gates can be installed as a recessed gate or built flush to the fence. All gates are constructed in either Galvanized Steel or Kiln Dried Hardwood using mortise joinery to ensure optimum quality and durability. We offer eight handcrafted Standard timber designs to choose from as well as custom made. Gate automation systems are also available for Sliding & Swing Gates. Visit our Gallery to view examples of our Gates. Intercoms, PIN entry systems, & Deadlocks are also supplied & installed.

Timber Gates